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welcome to my web site
my name is.
I'm a 40 year old
I've lived in Toronto,
Canada for 10 years...
I'm a Martial Arts Instructor,
and a Marathon runner.
I've run in the 100km a few times.
I like travel,
cross country skiing,
and writing poems about
things in life such as...
Health - Family Values -
Honesty and Love.
I'm a creative person
and like to learn new things.
At the moment i'm working on
a construction business.
I have created
my own site with lots
of Love Poems,
Angels, Lake Applet's,
Snow Applet's, and postcards
to sent your friends.
Take your time
so that you have
a nice tour of my web site...
I hope you enjoy,
thanks for visiting
and please feel free
to sign my guestbook
and let me know what you think...


Libra, is the most easygoing sign of the zodiac, filled with charm,
elegance, and a gift of making people feel important.
Ruling planet is Venus.

Flower: Pink Rose
Color: Pink (all shades)
Metal: Cooper
Features: I weigh, co-operate
Positive: Diplomatic
Negative: Vacillating
Lucky Numbers: 6 - 9 and 15

Symbol: Scales z1.jpg (1099 bytes)

Birth stone: Opal libra3.jpg (2719 bytes) For luck.
Power stone: Aventurine
libra2.jpg (3614 bytes) For energy.

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