~Merry Christmas My Love....~

May all your wishes
and your dreams come true!
you never know how
I desperately longed
for you on occasions like this.
It seems that every
Christmas song I hear
reminds me of my need for you.

I hope you'll be having
an enjoyable time today.
Think of me and imagine me
by your side in every
joyful things you do...
I'll feel your joy and I won't be blue..
Please remember,among the gifts
I had received in my life,
you are the most precious..

Here's wishing you and your family
a wonderful blessing
on this celebrated occasion
around the world...
My only wish is for your happiness
and maybe a second wish...
That I could be spending it by your side..
I pray someday my wishes
will all come true and
we'll spend these moments together..

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