Need help with the Lake Applet? This page is a collection of tips and tutorials all related to helping create the Lake Applet. All the sites linked from this page are members of the "Ring of Lake Applets." Are you a member of the Ring with a lake applet tutorial or tip to offer? Send me an e-mail with a description of your Tutorial or Tip and the page it resides on and I will add it here.

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sites with tutorials

Lea's Lake and Snow Combo Tutorial
Stop by Lea's "Bubble Gum House" where you can learn how to combine the lake and snow applet. Included are step by step instructions and three wonderful examples. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Lorraine's Lakes Tutorial
Take Lorraine's "5 Easy Steps" course to learn how to create a lake applet on your computer desktop without having your own website. ALSO, a "3 Easy Steps" course on creating lake applets using the new exciting horizon parameter, and a "5 Easy Steps" course on publishing your new creations to the Web, PLUS some great tips on frame borders and colors.

JayDax Web Design
JayDax teaches how to use the Lake Applet - and when NOT to. They feature a comparison between the "THREE" lake applets available, and teach how to create the lake with transparent overlay. JayDax also features a wonderful tutorial on David Griffith's horizon version, including using it with an overlay.

Lake Applets (lake applet by Eros applet)
A complete A to Z tutorial on creating the lake applet, with a "freebie."

Lake Applets overlay (Overlay by Eros applet )
A complete tutorial teaching how to create the overlay using Paintshop Pro, including several "screenshots."


tips on lake applets

Annie Reb's AOL Lake Tips
Everything you always wanted to know about AOL and Lake Applets, and had the nerve to ask. Viewing, Publishing, Troubleshooting, a MUST for AOL'ers with probs.

Annie Reb's Homestead Lake Tips
She's done it again! Grandmistress Annie Reb has put up a wonderful section on how to create lake applets using the Homestead editor. What's next Reb? *wink*

Sharon's Home Page
A tip on overuse of lake applets.

Eros applets tutorials