I have held you in an endless dream

Whose beginning I can not remember
and whose end shall never come

You are the air that I breathe
the food of my body
and the nourishment to my soul

I loved you then
I love you now
And shall love you forever more

These are some simple expressed words
that I'm sure we have all heard
and spoken at one time or another

To easily said are the words
'I Love You'
without truth and conviction
But the 'eyes' tell all
For they can see beyond the words
and past the beauty

You have spoken onto me words
that have turned my flesh to flame
and melted my heart
but my eyes have not seen the truth
in your soul
Each one of us has the ability to
destroy the joys of love
and turn a warm heart into a 
cold stone
I ask you only to close your eyes
and see beyond what we can touch
and feel
and see into the love of my soul
For then you are seeing

'Thru the eyes of Love'






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